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Event Management vs. Event Planner, Already Know the Difference?

Event Planner
Judging from the name alone, it's already imagined, right? As an event planner, you will dwell on your client's event planning section, from choosing a theme, place, dish, entertainment, MC, to decoration details that will be displayed. Clients need you to realize what is on their minds. Therefore, you are required to think critically and creatively.

In addition, you also need to be sensitive to the desires, needs and capabilities of the client's budget. To master this, you need good communication and negotiation skills when dealing with clients and vendors. More complete, you also need the ability to manage the budget.


Even though you are responsible for planning the event, it's not uncommon for you to go to the field to make sure everything that's planned is really ready. So, what is the difference between the role of event management vs. event planner?


Event Management
Unlike the event planner, event management is the party responsible for the smooth running of the event. You will handle all client needs from before the event ends. In order for the client program to run smoothly, you must set all elements of the event to be solid and run according to plan.

Starting from providing parking space, security, number and performance of staff, serving dishes, to the timeliness of the program. As an event management, you are also authorized to handle obstacles related to the elements of the event so that they are in line with the plan. Therefore, you must always monitor the course of the event. In essence, the client depends on the success of the show to you.


Well, so that you can handle all of these things, you need the skills to organize time, staff, and place. It also needs to be supported by good communication skills. The skills of critical thinking and making decisions quickly and quickly are also needed by an event manager because you will be dealing directly with problems that need to be resolved in an instant in the field before the problem impedes the course. Therefore, if you make a mistake, the consequence of your negligence is that the event becomes messy and certainly loses the client's trust.


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